Welcome to BC's spectacular Columbia Valley!

The Columbia Valley BC, with its clear sparkling lakes, breathtaking scenery, world-class ski resorts, championship golf courses, soothing hot springs, unique shops and cultural festivals is an all-season recreational paradise, offering something for everyone.

Places to Visit

James Chabot Provincial Park

James Chabot Provincial Park is a tiny oasis of green at the northern tip of Lake Windermere. The park is located in an area now ...

Kinsmen Park

Kinsmen Park (Kinsmen Beach)
Kinsmen Park (Kinsmen Beach) is a lovely park on the shores of Lake WIndermere in Invermere. A great spot for family picnics, water fun and ...

Bugaboo Provincial Park

Bugaboo Provincial Park "One of the World’s Great Alpine Rock-climbing Centres" - this is how the 13,646 ha (34 acre) Bugaboo Provincial Park has been described ...

Columbia Lake Provincial Park

Columbia Lake
Columbia Lake sparkles like a little jewel alongside Highway 93/95, south of Fairmont Hot Springs. Perfect for swimming, boating, windsurfing, fishing, wildlife watching and more ...
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Upcoming Events

Hot Springs Studio February Class Schedule

Hot Springs Studio Monthly Class Schedule
Did you make a New Year's Resolution to get healthy and fit in 2016? Now's the time to follow up on your promise to yourself ...

Puppy Love 5 Fundraiser

It's time to get a mini tat! Help Global Animal Lovers (GALS) raise funds for food and veterinary care for rescued animals. 8 talented tattoo ...

‘Trek The Trail’ – A guided tour of the Westside Legacy Trail

Feb 14, 2016
'Trek the Trail' is a one-time opportunity to explore the first few kilometres of the Westside Legacy Trail. Come with nordic skis, fat bikes or ...

Alberta Family Day Celebrations at Fort Steele

Feb 14, 2016
Enjoy Alberta Family Day at Ft. Steele, with a sleigh ride, skating, bonfire, hot apple cider and fresh-baked cookies. Bakery serving hot cinnamon buns and ...

Geneology group

Jan 20, 2016
Are you interested in researching your family tree? Do you want to learn more about your ancestors? Come and join us and meet others who ...

Breastfeeding Mamas support group

Feb 17, 2016
Breastfeeding Mamas is a peer support group for expectant and nursing mothers. Meet other women. Share stories with each other. Babies and toddlers welcome ...

Wild Game banquet fundraiser

Wild Game banquet fundraiser
The Wild Game banquet is a veritable bounty of the hunt, cooked to perfection, with all the trimmings. Everyone is invited to the table to ...

Reiki Workshop

Feb 21, 2016
Join our next Reiki workshop and experience for yourself the benefits of this amazing tool for creating balance, increasing awareness, and moving toward whole health ...
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