Invermere Farmers’ Market

1/13   Invermere Farmer's Market
2/13   Invermere Farmer's Market
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13/13   Invermere Farmer's Market
Last year’s Invermere Farmers’ Market (Photos by Lynn Knell)

It’s a typical summer Saturday morning in Invermere and what is on the minds of about 2,000 residents and visitors to the valley? The Farmers’ Market, of course. And if you want to get the best, the freshest, the choicest locally grown produce, you don’t dally over breakfast because the crowds come early.

People of every age, many pushing the younger family members in strollers or bringing the family pet along for some fresh, early morning air, flock to this weekly market for a variety of reasons. Some line up for the fresh-baked breads, buns and pies. Many are looking for a special garden sculpture, or a hand-made garment knitted or sewn with loving care by a local crafter. Others just love the friendly atmosphere and the opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to be there, you will find what you are looking for and much more than you had expected. There are about 55 vendors’ stalls displaying beautiful handmade jewellery, paintings, photography, ceramics, woodworking, handbags, baby and children’s wear, glass painting — everything imaginable. Local musicians perform lively tunes as you wander around with a cup of delicious locally-roasted coffee and a croissant fresh from the oven, enjoying every minute of the morning’s merriment.

Due to popular demand, the 2011 farmers’ market will be opened a week earlier than usual, June 18th, and run a week later until September 10th. Good news for everyone! The hours are from 9am until 1pm.


  • [no name] says
    April 13, 2013 - 12:06 pm
    Why don't you have the market go until 3:00 in the afternoon ? the people are there the buisness could benifit with the people strolling around. ~

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